Turkey Tails

Turkey Tails is an energy painting of Turkey Tail mushrooms that grow in the wild. These mushrooms have enormous healing power that comes from Mother Earth.
Turkey Tails Acrylic Painting
Kimba Livesay, Turkey Tails, Oil on Canvas 30x24x.5, 2021. In Private Collection.

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Turkey Tails Close Up

Hello Charlie

My friend Charlie had cancer around the same time as me. One morning he told me that his doctors were flying by the seat of their pants, throwing whatever they could at his cancer. I could hear his frustration as he described the side effects of treatment for limited outcomes. That conversation got me to thinking and praying. I believed there had to be something on the face of this earth that could help us. So, I asked the Goddess for healing earth medicine.

Balance the Imbalance  

Eastern medicine sees cancer as an imbalance. To heal cancer, you must balance the Chi or life force. This is done by combining herbs, plants, fungi, movement and meditation. This may sound woo-woo to the Western mindset which mostly relies on surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Personally, I like to dabble in both Eastern and Western. And if you look at plants as medicine it’s not woo-woo at all. And according to the US Forest Service more than 40% of drugs at your local Walgreens are made from plants and fungi. That shouldn’t be a surprise. We’ve always used plants as medicine.

Healing Mushrooms

Mushrooms are not plants or animals and are in a kingdom of their own. How cool is that? As I dove deeper into Eastern medicine, I kept reading about Turkey Tail mushrooms. Their official name is Coriolus versicolor but they look like little turkey tails. And guess what? They have been used in Chinese medicine for hundreds of years and in the 1960’s Japan starting using Turkey Tails with cancer treatments. Turkey Tails balance the system with antioxidants, reducing inflammation, boosting the immune system and much more. It is a powerful earth medicine, which brings me back to the Goddess.

Mysterious Fungi

One sunny California afternoon I hear my girls dragging something heavy up the driveway. They had been cleaning out the front yard and pulled up an enormous fungi. It weighed at least 10 pounds. It sat in our driveway for a month as we tried to figure out what it was. Finally, we gave up and threw it away.

A few weeks later I’m working in the front yard and I notice more fungi growing. When I bent down and touched it, I heard the voice of the Goddess. She whispered; this is mushroom medicine. I took a piece to my friend John who is an expert in mushrooms. He told me it was Turkey Tail, one of the most healing mushrooms on the face of the earth.

How Spirit Works

I don’t believe for one minute that Turkey Tails growing in my front yard was an accident. I believe that we actively seek what we need and it shows up. We are children of the Divine. When we ask with an open heart, it is given. Turkey Tails manifested in my front yard exactly when I needed them. That’s how Spirit works. The Goddess answered my prayer.

Turkey Tail Abstract Painting

I love the shapes and colors of this painting. It is how I see and feel the energy of Turkey Tails. Yellow symbolizes the sun and the warmth needed for the mushrooms to grow.

Blue represents sky and rain. Even though the Turkey Tail mushroom is firm and hard, it is comprised of 80% water.

Shades of green embody Mother Earth and growth while brown is the color of dirt and darkness. I am reminded that all seeds start life in the dark. You cannot have light without the dark or vice versa.

Shades of red and orange symbolize the energy of transformation. As the mushrooms began to come to life, the tree stump they had attached to began to rot. Life and death have a symbiotic relationship. You can’t have one without the other.

Purple weaves through the canvas. This is the color for the Divine, intuition and healing.

Turkey Tail Photos

The photos below are what Turkey Tail mushrooms actually look like. These precious little mushrooms are from my front yard. And yes, a year later and I’ve still got Turkey Tail mushrooms growing in abundance!


Turkey Tails
Kimba Livesay, Turkey Tails, Photo 1, 2021


Turkey Tail with Color
Kimba Livesay, Turkey Tails, Photo 2, 2021


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