Transition in Flight

Transitions in Flight represents the fluidity and uncertainty of change. These profound life changes can migrate our soul over great distances.
Transition in Flight
Kimba Livesay, Transition in Flight, Oil Pastel on Paper 24x18, 2021

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Transition in Flight Close Up


Graceful with Change

To heal in a deep and meaningful way I had to acknowledge the changes that transformed the very tapestry of my being. I was not the same person and the alteration was obvious. In the past I’d always been awkward with transitions and sometimes didn’t even admit them or pay them credence. For example, when I moved, changed jobs or left a partner. But this time was different and I wanted to be more graceful with the change. As I explored the concept of transitions, I discovered they are rarely black and white but rather a migration of colors and emotions.

Wrapped in Feathers  

I think of transitions as a state of being wrapped in feathers, ready to take flight. This is particularly true for someone who is getting married, got hired at their dream job or having their first child. The soul is joyful and light as a feather. But that same flight happens with the loss of a loved one, a cancer diagnosis or loss of a job. The difference being that it feels more like being pushed off a cliff, but flight occurs regardless. The migration begins.

Belief System

I’ve experienced a multitude of changes. New schools, jobs, homes, locations, friends, relationships and health issues. And with each transition, I’ve changed. I am no longer who I use to be and it should be that way. Transitions occur to give us the opportunity to reflect and take flight. But I was surprised when I realized that after this last transition my belief system changed. I see things very differently. I’m open to all possibilities and that includes my final transition.  For me, those flights of soul growth opened new multi-verses for migration.

Exploring with Color

I used oil pastels for this artistic exploration. I wanted a medium that would flow easily and capture the concept of transition in color. The final product mirrored what I already knew. Transition is colorful, messy and chaotic. And yet when you look at Transition in Flight you might notice there is a synergy to the piece. The form and colors work together with the idea of transition.

Transition takes Flight

Nature is a master of transition. Some of my favorite examples is the transition from tadpole to frog and caterpillar to butterfly. I also love migrations which is the perfect symbol of transition in movement. Many animals migrate at the change of seasons but I love how the birds take flight and move over great distances. That’s what inspired the photos below. It’s taking flight over great distances that change us. We may not know where we are going but we end up exactly where we should be.

What the caterpillar

Calls the end of life

The Master calls

A butterfly.

–Richard Bach


Birds in Flight Photo 1
Kimba Livesay, Birds in Flight, Photo 1, 2021


Birds in Flight Photo 2
Kimba Livesay, Birds in Flight, Photo 2, 2021

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