The Color of Joy

The Color of Joy is a painting that echoes high positive energy with a full spectrum of joyful colorful flowers. Even the background beams with high vibes.
The Color of Joy
Kimba Livesay, The Color of Joy, Acrylic on Canvas 30x40x.5, 2021. In Private collection.

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The Color of Joy Close Up


What is the Color of Joy?

The color of joy radiates an unmistakable energy signature. It’s bright and happy with positive momentum. When you look at a joyful color or a combination of colors, you feel good because the frequency resonates within you. It’s a good vibration!

Color of Joy Painting of Flowers  

One day in my Mystic Studio I started playing with the energy of joy. What does joy look like? I know it when I see it but could I translate it into color? Tapping into my creative flow, I just let joy unfolded on my canvas. I had no pre-conceptions or notions as I started to paint a joyful and vivid background. As I worked the canvas, colorful happy flowers began to grow. They aren’t perfect realistic flowers but they do radiate the Spirit of joy.

Why Conjure Joy?

The frequency of joy is pure magic. It is an elixir that helps us heal ourselves, others and our planet. All we need to do to be joyful is simply participate. It’s not that difficult and the more we do it, the easier it becomes. I use a special gateway that conjures joy every single time and it works like a charm.

The Gateway to Joy

Gratitude is the gateway to joy. When you practice gratitude, your brain starts craving the positive and seeks more joyful experiences. Researchers at Penn State and UC Berkeley believe that gratitude re-wires the brain and can help release fear, anxiety, anger and sadness. Does gratitude keep you from experiencing these emotions? No. But it does mean that you reset quickly and return to a place of gratitude. An experienced grateful heart cannot share space with negative emotions for too long.

Made to be Joyful

I’ve been through a lot of pain and trauma. Honestly, it would be very easy for me to vibrate at a low frequency and live my life in sadness, fear and anxiety. But I believe the Divine made me and you to be joyful. To seek joyful experiences, people and even colors. And when I start feeling sad, afraid or anxious I walk through the gateway of gratitude. There I never fail to find colorful seeds of joy just waiting to take root in my soul.

Joyful Beacon

Joy vibrates in happiness

Rooted in the Soul of gratitude

Plant its seeds in your heart

Breathe it in deep

Light your Spirit

As a Beacon of peace

–Kimba Livesay



Seeds of Joy
Kimba Livesay, Seeds of Joy, Photo 1, 2021


Seeds of Joy Photo 2
Kimba Livesay, Seeds of Joy, Photo 2, 2021

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