Dinner with Chris and Dennis

Dinner with Chris and Dennis by artist Kimba Livesay

Dinner with Chris and Dennis is an abstract painting that depicts the colors, shapes, and energy, between friends eating a holiday dinner. Chris is an amazing cook and Dennis makes delicious fried cheese!

The 1950’s Stamp Collector

1950’s Stamp Collector by Kimba Livesay

The 1950’s Stamp Collector is an abstract collage of stamps from the 1950’s that tells the story of American ideas and values through monochrome color.

Vase on Buffet

Vase on Buffet by abstract artist Kimba

Vase on Buffet is a funky little painting that borrows from the Cubist style presenting many different perspectives.

Kimba’s Garden

Kimba's Garden

Kimba’s Garden is bright and bold as it vibrates and beams with positive energy. This is what I see and feel as I sit in my garden and drink a cup of tea.

My Gay Rights

My Gay Rights

My Gay Rights explores my lived experience as a gay woman and the instability of my rights due to GOP politics. The painting echoes the strife towards LGBTQ people.

Liquid Biopsy

Liquid Biopsy Painting by Kimba

Liquid Biopsy is an abstract painting that mirrors the scientific research for brain biopsies by Dr. Nancy Ann Bush, Neuro-Oncologist director at UCSF.

In Motion

In Motion

In Motion, paints the story of how our mind, body and Spirit energies are always moving. In this creative project I imagine what being in motion looks like through shape and color.

Petals of Gratitude

Petals of Gratitude

Petals of Gratitude reminds us to focus on small things, like little flower petals. With practice gratitude grows and suddenly you have a joyful garden of gratitude.