Summer Dance

Summer Dance has depth, color vibrance, energy, and movement. It is the energy of what a summer day looks and feels like.
Summer Dance by Kimba Livesay
Kimba Livesay, Summer Dance, Acrylic and Oil on Canvas 48x36x.5, 2023.

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Close up of abstract art Summer Dance by Kimba Livesay


Mother of the Drip

Summer Dance is in the style of Jackson Pollock, or is it? What if I told you that Jackson Pollock is not the father of the drip technique? Come to find out the mother of the drip technique is Janet Sobel. In the 1940’s Jackson Pollock admitted to seeing Sobel’s art and that it made an impression on his work. History favored Pollock. We have long forgotten about the grandmother and her creative work, and I find that incredibly sad. So, in the Spirit of Janet Sobel, I created Summer Dance.

Summer Dance Abstract Painting

Working with the drip technique is not as easy as some people think. It takes a lot of planning, patience and going with the flow. Summer Dance took over 4 months to create. Each “pass” had to dry before new layers could be created. Acrylic and enamel are layered underneath oil paint to create depth, color vibrancy and movement. It captures the energy of a summer day with the sun, sky, water, trees, and flowers all moving together in concert.

Janet Sobel

I don’t know if Janet Sobel would like Summer Dance. Of course, I would like to think she would because it mirrors her artwork. I invite you to learn more about Janet Sobel and her artwork. I know that I enjoy her style and creativity.

Janet Sobel, Abstract oil on canvas, 38 x 50

Summer Dance is Available

The abstract painting, Summer Dance is available for purchase. This energetic acrylic and oil art piece is on a 48x36x.5 canvas. If you are interested in this one-of-a kind artwork, please Contact Me for more details.


Abstract Art Summer Dance by Kimba Livesay Photo 1
Kimba Livesay, Summer Dance, Photo 1, 2023


Abstract Art Summer Dance by Kimba Livesay Photo 2
Kimba Livesay, Summer Dance, Photo 2, 2023

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