Spiritual DNA

Spiritual DNA is an abstract work of art where I explore the physical and spiritual DNA of our ancestors through the gifts of the Divine.
Spiritual DNA abstract painting
Kimba Livesay, Spiritual DNA, Mixed Media on Canvas 14x14x.5, 2022. In Private Collection.

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Spiritual DNA Close Up


Physical DNA

In the poem Heritage, I write about how I inherited physical traits from my ancestors.

These ain’t my hands or my feet
Lord, you know these are my mama’s hands
And my daddy’s feet.

This nose on my face don’t belong to me
Rather it belongs to my daddy’s grannie
These straight white teeth are Aunt Sadie’s
and these brown eyes that see are Uncle Lee’s.

My knobby knees ain’t mine either
They belong to my two grannies
Even the hairs on my head belong to my paw paw instead
I’m the spittin’ image of all my kinfolk ‘cept me.

Lord this body ain’t mine
One day it will cease and decay
And I won’t need these feet for walkin’
And I won’t need these hands for graspin’

I’ll be headed to My promise land
‘cause my soul belongs to me.

Each of us have traits from our ancestors because that’s how physical DNA works. In the last two lines of the poem, I imply that there’s a difference between the physical and spiritual. That each of us has a unique and individual soul.

Spiritual DNA

I believe that we have Spiritual DNA too. It is what makes you a Spiritual Being of Light. It is the essence of your Soul and it comes directly from the Divine and may be passed down from your ancestors. For example, my father expressed the Spiritual gift of compassion and I inherited this gift from him but we were both sparked by the Divine.

Your Spiritual DNA is expressed through your strengths, gifts and passions and include joy, love, faith, gratitude, kindness, knowledge, peace, healing and miracles, just to name a few.  My unique Spiritual DNA is expressed through gratitude, kindness and intuition. We all have Spiritual DNA, it is the core of who we are and it is important that we use our gifts to make the world a better place.

Spiritual DNA Abstract Painting

This colorful abstract painting represents how our Spiritual gifts are encoded in our DNA. The color purple represents the divine and blue the Spirit world. On the left side of the painting, the DNA reaches from heaven to earth. On the right side, is a symbol of our ancestors working through the trinity of mother, father and child for the cycle of life. And finally at the bottom, the Soul pod of Spiritual beings headed from the heavens to manifest their gifts on earth.


Spiritual DNA Photo 1
Spiritual DNA Photo 1


Spiritual DNA Photo 2
Spiritual DNA Photo 2

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