Petals of Gratitude

Petals of Gratitude reminds us to focus on small things, like little flower petals. With practice gratitude grows and suddenly you have a joyful garden of gratitude.
Petals of Gratitude
Kimba Livesay, Petals of Gratitude, Acrylic on Canvas 36x36x1.5, 2018. In Private Collection.

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Petals of Gratitude Close Up


Count Your Blessings

As a child I remember on Sunday mornings singing the hymn, Count Your Blessings. It’s a catchy tune that reminds us that even during disappointment and loss we should name our blessings one by one so the angels can comfort us. I also remember my family saying grace before every meal. I was raised with the language of blessings and grace and yet the power of gratitude did not truly resonate with me until much later in life.

One by One  

Three years ago, I went through a traumatic experience that caused me emotional, mental and physical upheaval. There were days that the anxiety was so bad, I thought I would die. One afternoon I was having a doozy of a panic attack. My heart was racing, I was sweating and my mind was chasing itself. That’s when I had a flashback. I was sitting in church next to my grandmother and we were singing Count your Blessings. In that moment, the sweet Spirit of that song washed over my soul and I knew exactly what to do next. I started naming my blessings one by one. The panic attack subsided. And that afternoon, I figured out that anxiety and gratitude could not share space. 

Little Seeds Grow Big Gardens

I wanted to focus on the positive and so I made up my own gratitude meditation. It is very simple. The idea was to plant small seeds of gratitude in my heart. For example, I was thankful for my eyesight, my fingers and toes, my little dog, the flowers outside my window and so on.  Before long, my little seeds began to grow little petals. The more grateful I became the more petals I had. By the time I had created a gratitude bouquet I noticed a profound shift in my mental, emotional and physical well-being. And as I grew my gratitude garden petal by petal, well that’s when I became thankful for the whole experience, including the trauma.  

Petals of Gratitude Acrylic Painting

I correlate flowers with gratitude and joy and that’s where the idea of Petals of Gratitude came from. I wanted to capture a whimsical and joyful garden that was bright and energetic, just like gratitude. The petals dance on a blue sky above tall green grass. The individual flowers (I painted them with a plastic gift card) are the colors of the rainbow. I believe that gratitude comes in all colors, just like flowers.

Orchid Photos

I love orchids. If you receive an orchid from me, it means that I am grateful for you. I find these little jewels of flowers to be fragrant, joyful and bright. Their little petals dance with sunshine and delight. Like the Orchid, gratitude creates joy. Being grateful doesn’t mean you will never be mad or angry. It does mean that you too dance with sunshine and delight and so you can’t stay angry for long. These photos of my orchids light up my soul and for me that is the language of gratitude.


Orchard Petals Photo 1
Kimba Livesay, Orchard Petals, Photo 1, 2021


Orchard Petals Photo 2
Kimba Livesay, Orchard Petals, Photo 2, 2021

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