Natasha Going Home

Natasha Going Home is an abstract work of art that depicts my friend Natasha as she makes her way up through the cosmos returning home.
Natasha Going Home
Kimba Livesay, Natasha Going Home, 2022, Acrylic on Canvas 30x24x.5. In Private Collection.

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Natasha Going Home Close Up


The Soul Never Ceases

In May, my friend went to the place where we all come from, she went back Home. Natasha is a lovely soul. Did you notice that I wrote about her in present tense? That’s because I don’t believe in the past tense when it comes to souls. Energy never dies and Natasha still exist, in formless form as the Soul never ceases.


I am a witness for Natasha as she lived in this space and time. Her life now in the past tense. I met Natasha 14 years ago in a group for mums who had children on the spectrum. We became fast friends and over the years I can attest that she was smart, funny, messy, chaotic, crazy, enduring, loving, succulent, giving, kind, irreverent and wild. She was gorgeous. She loved to dye her hair orange and she had many, many colorful tattoos in many places. Cigarettes, booze, music, men and buying shoes were a few of her favorite pass times.  One year for my birthday she sent me a fabulous pair of fancy shoes. I call them my Natasha shoes. I will always treasure them.

Ear to Soul

When you talked to Natasha, she would put her ear on your soul and listen hard. Her empathy was boundless because she had survived so much trauma. She helped me heal from cancer with our late-night check-ins full of compassion, tears and laughter. And yet, I realize that it was hard for her to have empathy for herself and circumstances. The irony of that is not lost on me.

Loves Hard

And now back to the present tense. Natasha loves hard. She was absolutely distraught the day George Michael died. His music had touched her and she let everyone know. Her social media was full of Wham songs. I loved everything about that. How she wasn’t afraid or embarrassed to say how much she loves George. Natasha was capable of deep and unequivocal love, she loves her mum and her boys. She loves her husband Collin and they are both home and reunited. Her love for her family will never die.

A Fan

Natasha was a fan of my artwork. If she liked a particular piece, I would send her a high-resolution image so she could make a poster. I was constantly promising her that I would create something just for her. And so I finally made good on my promise.  

Natasha Going Home Artwork

Natasha Going Home is an abstract art piece that symbolizes Natasha’s journey back Home. Home to where our souls gather to reminisce and rejuvenate while basking in the light of love.

This painting is actually very simple but communicates complex ideas. The background is composed of many colorful layers and represents the colorful multi-verse of the cosmos. I associate the color purple with the Divine. The purple orbs represent the travelling soul of my beautiful friend as she makes her way up through the heavens and cosmos, Natasha Going Home.

Natasha Gilling
My Beautiful Friend Natasha


Natasha Shoes
My Fabulous Natasha Fancy Shoes

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