My Gay Rights

My Gay Rights explores my lived experience as a gay woman and the instability of my rights due to GOP politics. The painting echoes the strife towards LGBTQ people.
My Gay Rights
Kimba Livesay, My Gay Rights, Acrylic on Canvas 30x30, 2022.

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My Gay Rights Close Up


Don’t Say Gay

This creative project, My Gay Rights, is very close to my heart as it reflects my lived experience as a gay woman. My entire life people (ironically most I don’t even know) hate me because of my sexual orientation. Everyday ministers, politicians, famous writers and many others seek to dehumanize people in the LGBTQ community. Because if we are not seen as human beings, it’s easier to justify hate and violence towards us. By the way, this is how it’s done to any marginalized group.

According to NBC news, this year state lawmakers across the country have proposed 238 bills that would limit the rights of LGBTQ Americans. They specifically target transgender children. Florida is leading the way with it’s Don’t Say Gay Bill.

Art Reflects Life

The Don’t Say Gay mindset has been present my entire life. It’s nothing new. What is new is the audacious attack on LGBTQ children. Its main objective is to perpetuate hate towards a community of vulnerable people. The very opposite of what we as a human race should be striving for. I know that I am not going to solve all of the LGBTQ issues with a painting and a blog post. But I am speaking up and taking a stand by using my art to reflect my life.

The Painting

The colors of the gay pride flag are red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet, the color of the rainbow. The flag represents the diversity of race, human sexuality and gender identity within the LGBTQ community. It is why I chose these colors for the painting, My Gay Rights. The shapes and colors are scattered, messy, intense, off centered and disordered. It’s not meant to be a pleasing pretty picture but rather an image that aggravates the viewer.

The chunk of rainbow colors in the middle are fluid and symbolize the flexibility within the LGBTQ community. We literally have to ebb and flow because we don’t know what rights will be attacked at any given minute.

The drips of rainbow colors embody the thousands of personal stories of struggle. Every single LGBTQ person has a story of struggle. Don’t believe me? Ask them. Don’t know an LGBTQ person? Make a friend.

And finally, the discord within the painting reflects my own personal frustration with my rights as a human being, an American citizen, a global resident and a child of the Divine.

Always Hopeful

I am a positive person who is always hopeful. The rainbow itself is about a promise of a new day. I believe that the majority of souls on this earth strive to be better, to love each other and to do good where they can. I will never lose hope for my LGBTQ community.

My Gay Rights is Available

The abstract painting, My Gay Rights is available for purchase. This art piece is a colorful acrylic on a 30x30x1 canvas. If you are interested in this one-of-a kind artwork, please Contact Me for more details.


Kimba working on My Gay Rights
Kimba Painting, Photo by Julie Bates, 2022


My Gay Rights on Display
My Gay Rights at the SJC Pride Center

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