Kimba’s Little Art Gallery

This is the story of how Kimba’s Little Art Gallery came into existence. Ramon and I went from just an idea to creating a spectacular little art space for the whole community to enjoy.
Kimba's Little Art Gallery
Kimba Livesay & Ramon Rocha, The Little Art Gallery, 21x11x10, 2023.

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Kimba's Little Art Gallery First Showing


Little Sharing Spaces

During the Summer, I noticed more and more little lending libraries. I love the idea of building little spaces for sharing things. I believe it is a joyful way to build community. So, I began to ponder what I could share. I love art. I love creating art. Why not build a little art gallery to view and share art? I did a quick Google search and found a couple of people who were doing just that. I had a mission, build Kimba’s Little Art Gallery.

Ramon the Builder

Ramon Rocha has been my friend for 15 years. I knew that if anyone could help me build the little gallery, it would be him. When I shared the idea, he loved it but wanted to take it one step further. Use as many recycled materials as possible. Since we both save different things, we would have almost everything we needed. On August 7th, Ramon used materials from his workshop and voila! The little art gallery was born.

The Little Art Gallery Begins

An Inside Job

Once the base was built it was my turn to go to work. I spent a week sanding, wood puttying, caulking, and priming the little gallery. I didn’t want to distract from the art, so I painted the gallery black and the walls white. I spent two weeks sanding, adding coats of polyurethane and wall trim to the little gallery floor. I wanted it to look like a gallery floor in SFMOMA. Edge trim was added along the wall and tiny easels to display art. The little art gallery was beginning to sparkle.


Inside of finished art gallery

An Outside Job

Ramon had the brilliant idea of adding solar lighting, so the art could be seen at night. We finished the outside of the little gallery by installing roofing, the plexiglass front, and the art gallery sign. The little gallery was ready to go.

Installation Day

On October 22nd Ramon, Leo, Julie and I installed the little art gallery. Ramon and Leo dug the hole for the 4×4 post which is not an easy task. We live in California, and it doesn’t rain in the summer, so the ground is cement.  

Next, Ramon attached the gallery to the post, and I installed the little sign. The Little Art Gallery was complete. We spent $70 on materials which is a bargain when you consider that the lending library wood kits can cost $400 and doesn’t include the post or cement.  And the little gallery is twice the size! 

The Joy of Art

Finally, it was time for Kimba’s Little Art Gallery to have its first showing. Julie helped me install the little works of art into the space. The gallery just lit up with positive energy! It didn’t take long for people to gather around the gallery and share the joy of art. You can follow Kimba’s Little Art Gallery on my Facebook page.


Kimba & Ramon Working on the Gallery
Ramon & Kimba Installing Solar Lighting


Ramon & Kimba Installing the Gallery
Kimba and Ramon Installing the Gallery

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