Kimba’s Garden

Kimba’s Garden is bright and bold as it vibrates and beams with positive energy. This is what I see and feel as I sit in my garden and drink a cup of tea.
Kimba's Garden
Kimba Livesay, Kimba's Garden, Acrylic on Canvas 48x36, 2022. In Private Collection.

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Kimba's Garden Close Up

Intrigue and Delight

I love to garden. Getting my hands in the dirt connects me deeply to Mother Earth. The spectacle of colors, shapes and lines that emerge from little seeds intrigue and delight me. Not to mention the creatures that live in my garden. Lady bugs, rollie pollies, caterpillars and hummingbirds are all part of the ecosystem. And I’m grateful to the gnomes, fairies and brownies who help maintain Kimba’s garden.

Positive Energy in Kimba’s Garden  

This is an abstract painting of how my garden feels. Each line, shape and color symbolizes how the garden vibrates with positive energy. When we commune with nature, we connect to the sacred inner part of ourselves, where healing, love and peace live. It’s as if Mother Earth intertwines our souls with the Divine. We all belong to the Garden.

Garden Colors

I use bright and bold colors, mimicking my Spring Garden. In California where I live, Spring brings back the warmth of the sun. The color yellow is sprinkled throughout the painting to convey bright sunshine. Blue represents not only the big western sky but water too. Gardens cannot grow without water. California is in a drought, and I wonder how much longer I will have a garden. Orange, pink, white, lavender, purple, red, yellow and green fill the canvas with color, imitating my garden.

Human Garden

We as human beings are much like gardens. We need sunshine, water, food and positive helpers to thrive and vibrate. Now more than ever we need to plant seeds of kindness, love and positivity.  Because what we grow, we sow. 

Garden Photos

I started planting cactus four years ago because as I mentioned we are in a drought. Cactus need lots of sun and little water. This year my cactus produced blooms. I had no idea the blooms were so gorgeous!

I was taking a picture of this rose when a ladybug flew in and landed just as I snapped the photo. How fantastic is that?


Cactus Bloom
Kimba Livesay, Cactus Bloom Photo, 2022


Lady Bug and Rose
Kimba Livesay, Lady Bug and Rose, 2022


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