In Motion

In Motion, paints the story of how our mind, body and Spirit energies are always moving. In this creative project I imagine what being in motion looks like through shape and color.
In Motion
Kimba Livesay, In Motion, Acrylic on Canvas 30x40x.5, 2016.

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In Motion Close Up


We Are Energy

We are always in motion because we are energy. Even when we are sleeping, praying or meditating we are still in motion. It’s our very nature because energy never stops, even when we die. The painting, In Motion, tells the story of how our mind, body and Spirit energies are always in motion. 

Mental Energy

Blue represents the mind. For most of us the mind is always in motion.  We can meditate to calm the mind but very few of us are masters. And even in deep meditation the mind doesn’t stop but rather complies with the owners wishes. Even in sleep the mind spins dreams of motion. The color blue dominates this painting just as our mental energies dominate us. It’s always turning, always spinning and always in motion.

Physical Energy

Red symbolizes our physical energies. Our bodies are in constant motion. It’s a good thing that our heart pumps blood, our lungs breathe air and that our liver filters out waste. And when you think about these automatic physical energies, it’s amazing. Additional physical energies are very much in our control. Our bodies are earthly vehicles that facilitate exploration and engagement in our world.

Emotional Energy

Our emotions reflect our humanity or the lack thereof. It’s the seat of love, peace, empathy, gratitude and joy. You might not think that your emotions are always in motion, but they are. We are emotional creatures. It is how we sense each other and the world we live in. Hints of yellow are sprinkled throughout the canvas as a reminder that our emotional energies are interwoven with all other energies.

Spiritual Energy

Purple is the color of Spirit. The mystical energy of Spirit is different for each of us. We are born in a physical world to live our Spiritual commitments all while serving the greater good. This is how our inner Being of Light evolves and how we heal ourselves, others and the multi-verse. This is why our Spirits are always in motion. Belief is optional.

Social Energy

We were born to be social. Our social structure defines who we are. Our sense of belonging to a particular tribe is always in motion. I do think technology propels that motion and not always in a good way. The orange circle surrounding the purple and red abstract heart is an indicator of how strong and important our social energies are.

Did you notice the green squiggly line above the heart? Green is for soul growth, and it is akin to our social energies. I believe that we come to earth with our Soul Pod. The people in these pods play an important role in our growth and evolution. I know when I meet someone from my Soul Pod, the hair raises on my neck, and I feel joy while in their presence. Our Souls have been in motion longer than time itself.

Power Up

Notice the grid in the painting? The grid represents ley lines. Ley lines crisscross around the earth carrying supernatural energy. I believe this energy connects every person, animal, tree, rock, place and thing. It’s universal. And when we align our energies, it is easily accessible for deep love, peace and healing. We literally power up.


I wanted to take photos of blue and red in motion because those two energies not only symbolize the human experience but have a symbiotic relationship. I believe every cell in your body hears everything your mind says. That’s why it’s important to speak kindly to yourself.

I thought about these photos for months and finally the right image came to mind. The car wash. The red and blue bushes move in tantum to complete their purpose.


In Motion Photo 1
Kimba Livesay, In Motion, Photo 1, 2021


In Motion Photo 2
Kimba Livesay, In Motion, Photo 2, 2021

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