Cosmic Thread

Cosmic Thread is an abstract painting that represents the inner voice of the Cosmic Mother and her Divine Thread that connects everyone, everything and every experience.
Cosmic Thread Abstract Art by Kimba
Kimba Livesay, Cosmic Thread, Mixed Media on Canvas 30x24x.5, 2022. Exhibited at UCSF Parnassus Medical Center.

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Cosmic Thread abstract art close up


Hanging by a Thread

Cosmic Thread is an abstract painting that symbolizes the human suffering and the energy of perfection. It is a very personal painting. If you know me, then you know about my health challenges. Scans, medications, doctor visits and various therapies can leave me dangling in fear and uncertainty. I feel hopeless, as if I am hanging by a thread. Much like the spider depicted by Pastor Jonathan Edwards in his sermon about an Angry God.

“The God that holds you over the pit of hell, much as one holds a spider or some loathsome insect over the fire, abhors you, and is dreadfully provoked. His wrath towards you burns like fire; he looks upon you as worthy of nothing else but to be cast into the fire.”

There is no hope for the spider or for me. We are just left dangling in fear as we struggle to climb back up the thread.

Cosmic Connection

I believe it is okay to acknowledge feelings of hopelessness, fear, and sadness. It is normal to ponder and question why challenging events are present in life. To admit that you are hanging by a thread, paralyzed in fear. It is only when I am in this space of Spiritual doubt that I can easily connect to my soul and hear the voice of the Cosmic Mother. I can see the beautiful Cosmic Thread that she has woven in and out of ALL space and time. The Thread that interconnects our souls and experiences for meaningful purpose. I will always be attached to the Cosmic Thread. Always. So are you.

Energy of Perfection

Remembering the Cosmic Thread helps me find a way to adapt and get back to my positive set point embracing the power of resilience and hope. I can live into the answers without knowing. Paster Edwards didn’t have the Spiritual capacity to understand that even spiders have Divine purpose. That we are all connected by the Cosmic Mother’s Agape love. When we tap into this highest form of love, we are practicing the energy of perfection. We are not alone, hanging by a thread in fear. But rather we are connected through Divine love and grace.

Cosmic Thread Abstract Artwork

This abstract artwork is an exploration of both hanging by a thread and the Cosmic Thread. Small threads are scattered throughout the painting representing challenging human experiences. The Cosmic Thread dominates as it ebbs and flows across the center of the canvas. The colors of the painting mirror the vastness of the cosmos, the container for all that has been and will be. Plaster, paper, glue and yarn create the textures in this paining, representing multi-dimensional spaces of existence.



Cosmic Thread abstract art by Kimba photo 1
Cosmic Thread Photo 1


Cosmic Thread abstract art photo 2
Cosmic Thread Photo 2

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