Summer Dance

Summer Dance by Kimba Livesay

Summer Dance has depth, color vibrance, energy, and movement. It is the energy of what a summer day looks and feels like.

Migraine Mary

Migraine Mary painting by Artist Kimba

Migraine Mary is an abstract artwork in the cubist style. The painting illustrates what migraines look like in form, shape, and color.


Lumos Abstract Art

Lumos is an abstract artwork that depicts what the Harry Potter spell of light would look like in form, shape and color.

Vase on Buffet

Vase on Buffet by abstract artist Kimba

Vase on Buffet is a funky little painting that borrows from the Cubist style presenting many different perspectives.

Cosmic Thread

Cosmic Thread Abstract Art by Kimba

Cosmic Thread is an abstract painting that represents the inner voice of the Cosmic Mother and her Divine Thread that connects everyone, everything and every experience.

Beyond the Rainbow

Beyond the Rainbow abstract painting by Kimba

The abstract artwork Beyond the Rainbow represents the colorful vibrational space between a rainbow and the heavens.

Spiritual DNA

Spiritual DNA abstract painting

Spiritual DNA is an abstract work of art where I explore the physical and spiritual DNA of our ancestors through the gifts of the Divine.

Natasha Going Home

Natasha Going Home

Natasha Going Home is an abstract work of art that depicts my friend Natasha as she makes her way up through the cosmos returning home.

Into the Mystic

Into the Mystic Abstract Painting

Into the Mystic is an abstract painting that explores my beliefs about the mysteries of life through the movement of color and the music of Van Morrison.