Dinner with Chris and Dennis

Dinner with Chris and Dennis by artist Kimba Livesay

Dinner with Chris and Dennis is an abstract painting that depicts the colors, shapes, and energy, between friends eating a holiday dinner. Chris is an amazing cook and Dennis makes delicious fried cheese!

The 1950’s Stamp Collector

1950’s Stamp Collector by Kimba Livesay

The 1950’s Stamp Collector is an abstract collage of stamps from the 1950’s that tells the story of American ideas and values through monochrome color.

Kimba’s Little Art Gallery

Kimba's Little Art Gallery

This is the story of how Kimba’s Little Art Gallery came into existence. Ramon and I went from just an idea to creating a spectacular little art space for the whole community to enjoy.

The Way Home

The Way Home. Abstract Art by Kimba Livesay

The Way Home is a colorful abstract art piece that explores the Spiritual Practice of Agni Yoga through specific colors creating a path of individual evolution travelling through the cosmic universe.

Numbers on Paint

Numbers on Paint by Kimba Livesay

Numbers on Paint combines structed color fields in the background and scattered numbers on the surface creating an interesting juxtaposition for this abstract artwork.

The Color of Age

The Color of Age by Kimba Livesay

The Color of Age is a collaboration piece of 188 participants who answered the question, What Color is Your Age? This abstract artwork showcases their answers.

Summer Dance

Summer Dance by Kimba Livesay

Summer Dance has depth, color vibrance, energy, and movement. It is the energy of what a summer day looks and feels like.

Migraine Mary

Migraine Mary painting by Artist Kimba

Migraine Mary is an abstract artwork in the cubist style. The painting illustrates what migraines look like in form, shape, and color.