Beyond the Rainbow

The abstract artwork Beyond the Rainbow represents the colorful vibrational space between a rainbow and the heavens.
Beyond the Rainbow abstract painting by Kimba
Kimba Livesay, Beyond the Rainbow, Mixed Media on Canvas 14x14x.5, 2022.

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Beyond the Rainbow abstract art upclose



Beyond the Rainbow is a colorful representation of how I see the space in between a rainbow and the heavens. At the bottom of the page is a rainbow that goes beyond seven colors and is a gateway to the next cosmic space.

The Egyptians believed that the pyramid could function as a stairway to the heavens. The blue pyramid in the painting symbolizes a stairway for souls to reach the heavens. The color blue represents communication and so this stairway also acts as a direct line to the Divine. The purple moon signifies the Divine and that we all have access anytime we choose. The flowing line on the far-left side suggest the Spiritual Divine is powering the rainbow, the promise of humanity with all of it’s potential.

The door to the Hall of Records is on the right side of the painting. These Spiritual records document all universal events, thoughts, words, emotions, and ALL life forms through the past, present and future. The multi-colored bridge in the middle of the painting connects the Divine and our Souls to these records.  


Beyond the Rainbow Abstract Art by Kimba
Beyond the Rainbow Photo 1


Beyond the Rainbow Abstract Art by Kimba
Beyond the Rainbow Photo 2

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